The shoot I loved


This is my favourite jewellery shoot by Vikram.

Let me give you some inside news of what happened at this particular shoot.

The entire shoot lasted for more than 11 hours. Our sources confirmed that the Model, Vipasha Agarwal, was not at the best of her health. Then, a tiny mishap occurred, in which one of the light bulbs used by the production team just blew up and made a BOOM sound. Now that really scared the living daylights out of Vipasha.

However, Vipasha, the brave and courageous girl that she is, ensured that neither her illness nor the shock of the incident reflected in the gorgeous photos. A big kudos to Vikram, for ensuring that the ‘SHOW WENT ON’ and man.. what a show it was!


See the pics for yourself!

The shoot was for TBZ and it won the 3rd prize at PX3 Prix De la Photographie, Paris. It’s not only award winning, but also one of those images which top my list of All TIME BEST PHOTOS.







– Megha Dave, Accounts & Adminstrative Manager, Vikram Bawa Photography

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