Making music isn’t as easy as making babies

Music. Such an integral part of any film. You do realise it, if you are a movie buff or you love music. But when you are involved in making it or getting it composed, it’s a different ball game altogether.

Initially getting a music piece composed would be tricky. What we thought would go with the film, didn’t add any feelings to the film. So then we had to change it and look at it from a completely different perspective. A lot of times we would be stuck with the same film for weeks. We then used to take a break and come back to it after a few days!

The music composer, Gaurav Chatterji, would get a music composer’s block. But he never gave up! His passion and determination to make the best music for each and every film drove him till the end (and continues till now). Trust me when I say this, we have had him make no less than 8 to 10 completely new pieces for one of the films, before finalising anything. Our films being different from hardcore advertising, I think everyone involved needs to find their own muse from the film (or for the film) to make the best out of nothing.

I love all the films and the music in them. You would say that they are made by my company, so of course I will say that! But to prove myself, I am sharing with you the link of one of my favourite films – Krishnaveni.

You can see the other films on our website – or

– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.

2 thoughts on “Making music isn’t as easy as making babies

  1. I love the music of this video! I should write some music… hm…
    By the way, making babies is not easy at all! I know people that are trying for years… 🙂

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