To write or not to write

How does one begin to write when there are so many thoughts n feelings fleeting in the mind.
Do we keep writing the thoughts as they flow, or do we plan what we want to pen.

Writing,  it seems is akin to meditation to me.

So many paths the heart wants to travel.
So many journey’s to accomplish.
So many days gone by,
So many more to go by
One day to say it belonged to me.
Completely mine, and only mine.

Will I be able to find my journeys end
Or is the journey itself the end.
Travel I must, always.
For this is what I love and this is what I have always wanted.
A journey to call my own.

When the light becomes dim and the day comes to an end,
A journey I can say was only mine, to look back, to cherish, to love, to have loved and to be loved.
A journey to call my own.

Vikram Bawa


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