The Man – Vikram Bawa

Honestly, I didn’t know who Vikram Bawa was until 30 minutes before I met him. I confused him with someone else and on my way to his studio, quickly called up my friend who was working with me on our project on women and body image issues.


She told me of just one picture and I could recall him. That photograph was from a diptych titled – The Man –



What remained with me about the picture then and now is the sheer androgynous beauty about it. He is a man (for sure!) but the jewellery and the graceful pose gives a feminine feel and reminds of the Ardhanarishvara – “the lord who is half woman” – Shiva.

After walking in to his studio, this was what started the conversation between us and it still goes on hopefully not to end ever! 

–  Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films