Marketing with a *TING*

They say marketing is an infinite pool of possibilities. I can name a medium, and there are a gazillion possibilities of making a mark for my brand out there. But what makes one brand stand out among many others, is what I call the *TING* factor.

What makes the Vikram Bawa brand go *TING*? It’s what separates him from the crowd, that shouts out everything that he and his team stand for, everything we are. There is nothing left to imagination. We are bold, in-your-face, and not sorry to be the way we are. Some would say Vikram is a fashion and lifestyle photographer, while some would say he is a bold photographer. We see him as a person who sees everything differently from the way we do. For him, nothing is what it seems. It goes a few notches beyond. He has an eye which we can only hope to.

For instance, we see a girl and he sees a crouched angel with closed wings, waiting for someone to rescue her. We see a woman wearing formals, and he sees a woman with a cigar in one hand, wearing a pantsuit, legs spread wide, asserting independence and clearly marking her territory. Yes, he does not think like everyone else. And that is exactly what sets him apart. This extends to not just his photography, but fashion films, CGI, 3D photography, everything.

But, all said and done, the *TING* in marketing doesn’t matter if we keep sitting and typing instead of marketing. So let’s get going!

– Esha Kak, Brand Manager, Vikram Bawa

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