From Shy to Shameless!

For a girl from a “normal Indian upbringing“ and graduating in Accounts, Hasselblad, soft box, high fashion was like cheese and chalk.

On the first day of my job when I saw the picture of two men kissing, I immediately closed my eyes and tried to close the Image by randomly clicking on the mouse hoping to aim at the ‘x’ mark at the right top corner of my monitor screen.  (You can have your share of laugh but that’s where I came from)

Today after say six months in the company and observing as to what all goes behind making such pictures and films, I understand that it is art.  I want to put up one of my favorite pictures and one of the first films that I saw when I joined Vikram Bawa.

The film the show


And that Vikram Bawa is not a photographer but an artist. 🙂

– Megha Dave, Accounts & Adminstrative Manager, Vikram Bawa Photography

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