CGI – The Future of Photography

We’re helping photography evolve, and here is another new step in this direction – CGI, a.k.a. Computer Generated Imagery!

We are crossing new boundaries. We are infusing photography with CGI. It is a challenge. However, we are taking it head on. After all, we got ourselves into this!

It is a test of patience when the renders take much over 24 hours for a single frame. This unending wait has its share of emotional drama and trauma attached to it. It almost feels like a mother waiting 9 months for her baby’s birth (not that we know how that feels, but still, metaphorically).

However, once the renders are complete, and your creation is right there, in front of you, an ecstatic feeling of accomplishment overwhelms you.

We make fake look real, and real people are convinced of the fake things being real! We love it!!

– Derek D’Souza, Team CGI

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