A Blessed Life

What a week this has been.. so much fun n so many emotions.
Did a photo shoot with the pretty Shamita Shetty. Such a lovely simple human being. So much energy and willingness to try something new.. and to push  herself constantly to get the best out of the shoot.
A pleasure to shoot an upcoming actress as a fashion model n not as a star.
Styled by Rocky S, the ever alive designer, make up by the attractive Vinita Pujari.
Raj and Shilpa watching over her.
Should thank Anishi and Ekta from her team.
And Binita my little assistant on this shoot.
One of my most effortless shoots.

A photo shoot with the queen herself – Queenie Singh. One of  the most attractive woman I have shot. Always perfect. And an even deeper soul. A woman of many talents. And unknowing to so many what a lovely caring heart. So many she’s already touched with her love.
She’s a dream to work with. Utterly professional and superbly quick.
Must say her friend Rukshana Eisa is an extremely attractive woman. Was totally enamoured while shooting her.

The end of the week was completely wonderful.
A shoot for young upcoming LFW designer Nikhil Thampi’s collection.
To see him so excited and nervous at the photo shoot. Like a little boy trying to get everything right.
And the very creative make up artist Elton Fernandez and his assistant Sarita always on a wonderful high and keeping the energy up.
This was a challenging shoot for me emotionally. Was shooting with my long time friend and creative soul mate Priyanka Karunakaran as the model of the day. Was a challenge to live up to her expectations of me. Lol..
Even though the shoot was very simple I hope we’ve done a great job and the images help Nikhil on his journey to fame.

How can I forget my loyal assistants Sambhaji, Vikas, kailash and my team.
And the talented but extremely excitable Aditi Sarda, my project manager for my films – my bouncing board as i like to call her. Quite excited to see how the film turns out of this fashion shoot.

And a big shout out and thank you to team Vikram Bawa. Megha for keeping everyone n everything together. My digital team of Mangeshji and Kiran for putting up with my perfectionism and the grief on quality.  Subak, Rahul and Derek from CGI to keep on at it at their workstations. My two pillars Esha and Surabhi for continuously pushing the brand VB. And lastly but not the least my trusty assistant cum chauffeur Bhaskarji.

The day starts early tom again and another day and another week to conquer the world..
Adios amigos.. catch you later

Putting up a couple of images from Nikhil’s shoot..


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