The journey…

3 am in the morning, and I’ve just reached home from work.
I wonder what is it that drives a man to keep on going.. keep on trying.. keep on working.. to go towards the edge of reason to attain what he desires.
What is this madness that makes me work 20 hours a day, day after day, to achieve what I dream of.
Is it really that important to me. That important that the physical being is groaning, screeching, at what it has to endure.

Is it me!
Me, the human being,
me, the photographer,
or me, the spirit, which refuses to give up.

The spirit which only lives to enjoy, to soak itself into every possible reason of my existence, the existence as a photographer, as an artist, as a creator. Unrelenting!! in its pursuit of what it seeks. Seeks it does, of what, I yet know not. But find it, I shall, promises my soul to me.
Rest I shall not, till I do..

Because the journey as yet is too beautiful to not enjoy..

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