Client’s promises

I often wish that the promises made by our clients were kept. They say that the payment would be done within a week and if they were to truly release the payment within a week, my boss would be happy with my work.

But, do you know what happens when the clients do not keep their word? –
Client:  Ya Ma’am, the payment is in process. Sir/Mam has gone out of India will be back on Friday and your cheque would be ready on Monday.
Me:  Ok, I will be waiting for your call.

(Monday morning…)

Me: Hi, Megha here from Vikram Bawa’s office. Is our payment ready?
Client: No Ma’am. Sir did not come on Friday. Will be coming this week.
Me: Ok (sigh)

Now I have to deliver this news to Vikram…Just to be on the safer side, I keep his table clean and keep everything in its place. I make sure that  the hot coffee is ready before he reaches the office to cool him down! (These are the tips to make your boss a little happy before giving him the bad news)

Monday, 12noon –

Vikram Bawa: (Rings the bell) Meghaaaaaa.

Me: Ya sir
Vikram: Megha, what happened about the payment of ‘X’. You told me that we would be receiving on Monday. 
Me: Ya sir, but when I called them in the morning they said that the payment would be done next week for sure.
(calls everyone to his desk)

  • Digital team: Kya hua..touch up kar ke hua hai ke nahin? Guys I want my work to be completed on my timelines. I don’t know but you have to complete this before 7.00 pm and mail the pictures to the client
  • CGI team: You do one thing  for now, stop ‘X’ work and start ‘Y’ work and I want it to be completed within this week
  • Films: Show me the film that you have completed. Have you got the music done?


Accounts: I don’t care what happens, I want my payments. Now you guys better leave me alone and don’t mess up, or I will throw you out. 

And this is what happens to us when a client keeps saying next week, and the week never comes. Till then I have to do all this Buttering and go through all the Suffering.. lol.

So Mr. X, Please make our payment.

– Megha Dave, Accounts & Adminstrative Manager, Vikram Bawa Photography

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