The day we shot the Twilight Players

I had been staring at my laptop screen for about an hour, cupcakes and a glass of milk lying next to me, thinking of what to write. I guess I was going through a case of writer’s
block. There is so much to write about everyday things that happen at work,
that it’s difficult to pick out one. So, I decided to just go through our
website What I will say now is not because I work here, but because I truly feel this way: “I LOVE THE WEBSITE”.

Browsing through the videos, I came across the one on Twilight Players.

For the uninformed, Twilight Players is a team of three men, all boys at heart
– Sinbad Phgura, Ammo ‘Too Sweet’ and Jimi ‘The Quiff’. I never call them
dancers as that would just narrow their capabilities so much. They are
world class entertainers. They appeared with a BANG on the Indian scene in the
song ‘Pardesi’ of the movie Dev.D. They danced like no one ever had in
Hindi cinema. They, for a fact, made me want to learn dancing, and I did.

Check out the video to feel their energy. Styled by Jiah, this was an
awesome shoot. These guys wear shirts, trousers and suspenders – and dance.
Watch them being supremely animated and even playing tug-of-war. The video ends
with them looking super dapper. Trust Vikram Bawa to capture all this madness
in all its glory. Vikram shot photos and also made a stop motion video to go
with their dance style I have watched this video countless times, and still
can’t get enough.

And yes, you are welcome!

– Esha Kak, Brand Manager, Vikram Bawa