Konakana Bakshi

Shooting with Konkana Bakshi was as beautiful as her sea facing home.

Charm, elegance and poise comes naturally to her. The lovely Konkana Bakshi’s video portfolio.

Priyanka Chopra at the Hello Awards Cover Shoot

Shooting the beautiful Priyanka Chopra is always easy and fun. “Sexiness” is something she carries on her arm!

Watch her at the making of the cover at the Hello Awards Cover as she got awarded for being the most Versatile Performer of the Year.

And the final picture!

Priyanka Chopra



Couple of weeks back on this blog, I mentioned the shoot with the upcoming fashion designer Nikhil Thampi. The amazing collection that he had designed was called “Survivors.

We are now ready with the film ‚Äď ‚ÄúSurvivors‚ÄĚ – which was shot for the collection.

Think the team has done a great job this time on the film.

– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.

The Sexy Shetty Sisters

Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty are two of the few sisters who are equally beautiful, sexy and graceful.
Vikram has shot Shilpa a number of times but at a recent shoot with Shamita, we found her to be as much a perfectionist as her sister. The fitness freak that she is and the way she sticks to her schedule religiously is commendable.
We have been lucky to have shot small films with both the sisters. Take a break, sit back and savour.
– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.

A Life Cycle!

Food! During our growth years, in our school days, we are often averse to consuming the food we have been given! We absolutely hate eating and avoid it for as many times as we can. And we usually find one of the most ridiculous of reasons for not eating what we have been given.

The sight of food often triggers a stomach ache or an upset stomach or even a feeling of nausea. And while we are down with temperature, we all know the pampering we get:¬†we are allowed to eat all the things we absolutely love! And the best way to attract fever, or so we had heard in childhood, are onions, and you know where to place them! ¬†It doesn’t work! And all you are left with is a disgusting odour of stale onions! Of course, i couldn’t stand the smell and went in for a shower, post the incident!¬†Thankfully, didn’t get caught!¬†A mischief story that was untold till today!

I was a good kid when I was small! Or so my parents would tell you. But like any other child, I too had favourite food items and the not so favourite ones. And obviously, the favourite ones are the ones we don’t/can’t get at home. So obviously, a mere karela/bitter gourd was the most hateful vegetable for me as a kid (Still is!). Spinach was another hateful one. But apart from this I used to love any other vegetable or fruits, fruits being a favourite, even now. Though my current state of health may not be able to confirm that, but nevetheless!

Anyhow, we grow a little older, and come into college! My college was the time that my psychological health grew, and according to my parents, my physical health too! New hostel, new junk food categories and new nuns/sisters from the missionary were just a few new entrants into my life. What also entered my life was a new freedom, away from home, a search for my individual identity, new leaning experiences, a new way of looking at my own life, away from the family dominance. Worked well for me, but not so much for my family because if you go by their word, I got spoilt. But as any teenager would react to that, I strongly disagree!

An increased¬†love for food¬†was a big part of this segment of my life. Food turned into “junk food”. So, coffee with anda-pav, wada pav, omelette roti, anda bhurji became the highlight, along with double fried egg! Vegetables took a back seat, but fruits were still the life saving¬†item from all the junk I¬†was having¬†back then.

This trend continued, with the addition of more coffee, alcohol (Of course), sandwiches and quiches, a definite dessert (better quality, more fattening), after every meal (a childhood habit).

For the other life segments that are still inexperienced, observation has helped me a lot! I see mothers/expecting mothers¬†who have¬†been banned from consuming outside food. A sudden brake from all the junk! How do temperamental and moody women do that?¬†I bet their temperament and mood swings increase, multifold!¬†I pity the husbands, but only for this segment of a woman’s life!

Anyways, this segment of life, with a settled family and children, sees an increased consumption of home made food as well as the junk.  Cravings, is what we have termed it, and we follow it very religiously.

Our life expectancy and survival chances depend highly on how much we have abused our own bodies in the previous quarters and based on that,¬†we get into the next segment, i.e.¬†if at all we do.The last phase forces us to rely on as much medication as possible because our digestive system has given up on us. a realization dawns on us now, if not earlier, that we messed up our bodies so much¬†in the last two quarters, that we are now forced to go back to square one: Only home made food, with less spices, boiled if possible, and a lot if medication, after every meal.¬†We’ve come back an entire circle!

Life, in general, comes back an entire circle. We’ve always been told, “What¬†you give, is what we get!” or even the most scientific of explanations says “Every action has an Equal and opposite reaction!”¬†¬†Some call it “Karma’ and some call it ‘”Destiny”. Either way,¬†all these philosophies, point quite correctly. We need a doze of our own medicine sometimes.

Innumerable lessons later, I am coming to terms with life. Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love – These are easy to practice but we usually miss them or sideline them. The result, all these attributes sideline us. They are quite simple to follow, only if you have the realizeation and the willingness to follow.

Life teaches us lessons, one at a time. Every person comes into our lives for a reason, to teach us something we dont know we had to learn.

So appreciate, be patient, accept, forgive and love, just a little more, and see how life rewards you back withall of these and much more!

Have a happy weekend!!!

Life’s Lessons

– Surabhi Pratap, Sr. Manager ‚Äď Marketing & Communication, Vikram Bawa

The day we shot the Twilight Players

I had been staring at my laptop screen for about an hour, cupcakes and a glass of milk lying next to me, thinking of what to write. I guess I was going through a case of writer’s
block. There is so much to write about everyday things that happen at work,
that it’s difficult to pick out one. So, I decided to just go through our
website vikrambawa.com. What I will say now is not because I work here, but because I truly feel this way: “I LOVE THE WEBSITE”.

Browsing through the videos, I came across the one on Twilight Players.

For the uninformed, Twilight Players is a team of three men, all boys at heart
– Sinbad Phgura, Ammo ‘Too Sweet’ and Jimi ‘The Quiff’. I never call them
dancers as that would just narrow their capabilities so much. They are
world class entertainers. They appeared with a BANG on the Indian scene in the
song ‘Pardesi’¬†of the movie Dev.D. They danced like no one ever had in
Hindi cinema. They, for a fact, made me want to learn dancing, and I did.

Check out the video to feel their energy. Styled by Jiah, this was an
awesome shoot. These guys wear shirts, trousers and suspenders – and dance.
Watch them being supremely animated and even playing tug-of-war. The video ends
with them looking super dapper. Trust Vikram Bawa to capture all this madness
in all its glory. Vikram shot photos and also made a stop motion video to go
with their dance style I have watched this video countless times, and still
can’t get enough.

And yes, you are welcome!

– Esha Kak, Brand Manager, Vikram Bawa


Editing my week away!

I have measured out my last week with editing tools! Literally.

We have been on some really good shoots continuously for the last two weeks with Vikram, and have been editing films that we shoot with every photo-shoot these days.

We shot with a jewellery brand, Shamita Shetty and LFW designer Nikhil Thampi. While we are done with editing the films for the jewellery brand, others are work-in-progress. To give you a peek into what we shot with Shamita, and before you get to see the final film, watch Behind the Scenes with Shamita.

– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.

From Shy to Shameless!

For a girl from a “normal Indian upbringing“ and graduating in Accounts, Hasselblad, soft box, high fashion was like cheese and chalk.

On the first day of my job when I saw the picture of two men kissing, I immediately closed my eyes and tried to close the Image by randomly clicking on the mouse hoping to aim at the ‚Äėx‚Äô mark at the right top corner of my monitor screen.¬† (You can have your share of laugh but that‚Äôs where I came from)

Today after say six months in the company and observing as to what all goes behind making such pictures and films, I understand that it is art.  I want to put up one of my favorite pictures and one of the first films that I saw when I joined Vikram Bawa.

The film the show


And that Vikram Bawa is not a photographer but an artist. ūüôā

– Megha Dave, Accounts & Adminstrative Manager, Vikram Bawa Photography

The Boss’ Mood of the Day!


There’s a huge problem of listening!

My one year working experience with Vikram Bawa has taught me a lot of things. One of them of course is how to understand THE BOSS’ MOOD OF THE DAY! There are various sub-topics in the same chapter –

  1. The way he wishes you in the morning. If he says, “GOOD MORNING¬†GUYS!”, may be you can ask him in the next one hour if you can leave early. If he says, “morning”, you better finish all your work and if possible all the pending work also that day!
  2. If he smiles and says, ” There’s a huge problem of listening over here.”, you better not talk back. If you do, (which I usually do!), then either he will tap your head in a fatherly way or will find out more mistakes in your film to prove that we have actually not listened to him.

These are just a couple of many other things that are a mood determiner when it comes to Vikram Bawa.

Keep looking up for this space for more of such gossip work related and otherwise. ūüôā

– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.