Konakana Bakshi

Shooting with Konkana Bakshi was as beautiful as her sea facing home.

Charm, elegance and poise comes naturally to her. The lovely Konkana Bakshi’s video portfolio.

Lucera by Gitanjali

The first of the campaign – Lucera by Gitanjali featuring Femina Miss India Ankita Shorey


Achilles’ Heel

Shot an ad campaign for a men’s footwear brand Achilles’ Heel some time back. Sharing the images with you. Hope you like it.

VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-4 VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-5 VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-6 VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-7 VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-8 VB_Achilles Heel_Look Book-9

Priyanka Chopra at the Hello Awards Cover Shoot

Shooting the beautiful Priyanka Chopra is always easy and fun. “Sexiness” is something she carries on her arm!

Watch her at the making of the cover at the Hello Awards Cover as she got awarded for being the most Versatile Performer of the Year.

And the final picture!

Priyanka Chopra

The Boss’ Mood of the Day!


There’s a huge problem of listening!

My one year working experience with Vikram Bawa has taught me a lot of things. One of them of course is how to understand THE BOSS’ MOOD OF THE DAY! There are various sub-topics in the same chapter –

  1. The way he wishes you in the morning. If he says, “GOOD MORNING GUYS!”, may be you can ask him in the next one hour if you can leave early. If he says, “morning”, you better finish all your work and if possible all the pending work also that day!
  2. If he smiles and says, ” There’s a huge problem of listening over here.”, you better not talk back. If you do, (which I usually do!), then either he will tap your head in a fatherly way or will find out more mistakes in your film to prove that we have actually not listened to him.

These are just a couple of many other things that are a mood determiner when it comes to Vikram Bawa.

Keep looking up for this space for more of such gossip work related and otherwise. 🙂

– Aditi Sarda, Project Manager, Vikram Bawa Films.