A Life Cycle!

Food! During our growth years, in our school days, we are often averse to consuming the food we have been given! We absolutely hate eating and avoid it for as many times as we can. And we usually find one of the most ridiculous of reasons for not eating what we have been given.

The sight of food often triggers a stomach ache or an upset stomach or even a feeling of nausea. And while we are down with temperature, we all know the pampering we get: we are allowed to eat all the things we absolutely love! And the best way to attract fever, or so we had heard in childhood, are onions, and you know where to place them!  It doesn’t work! And all you are left with is a disgusting odour of stale onions! Of course, i couldn’t stand the smell and went in for a shower, post the incident! Thankfully, didn’t get caught! A mischief story that was untold till today!

I was a good kid when I was small! Or so my parents would tell you. But like any other child, I too had favourite food items and the not so favourite ones. And obviously, the favourite ones are the ones we don’t/can’t get at home. So obviously, a mere karela/bitter gourd was the most hateful vegetable for me as a kid (Still is!). Spinach was another hateful one. But apart from this I used to love any other vegetable or fruits, fruits being a favourite, even now. Though my current state of health may not be able to confirm that, but nevetheless!

Anyhow, we grow a little older, and come into college! My college was the time that my psychological health grew, and according to my parents, my physical health too! New hostel, new junk food categories and new nuns/sisters from the missionary were just a few new entrants into my life. What also entered my life was a new freedom, away from home, a search for my individual identity, new leaning experiences, a new way of looking at my own life, away from the family dominance. Worked well for me, but not so much for my family because if you go by their word, I got spoilt. But as any teenager would react to that, I strongly disagree!

An increased love for food was a big part of this segment of my life. Food turned into “junk food”. So, coffee with anda-pav, wada pav, omelette roti, anda bhurji became the highlight, along with double fried egg! Vegetables took a back seat, but fruits were still the life saving item from all the junk I was having back then.

This trend continued, with the addition of more coffee, alcohol (Of course), sandwiches and quiches, a definite dessert (better quality, more fattening), after every meal (a childhood habit).

For the other life segments that are still inexperienced, observation has helped me a lot! I see mothers/expecting mothers who have been banned from consuming outside food. A sudden brake from all the junk! How do temperamental and moody women do that? I bet their temperament and mood swings increase, multifold! I pity the husbands, but only for this segment of a woman’s life!

Anyways, this segment of life, with a settled family and children, sees an increased consumption of home made food as well as the junk.  Cravings, is what we have termed it, and we follow it very religiously.

Our life expectancy and survival chances depend highly on how much we have abused our own bodies in the previous quarters and based on that, we get into the next segment, i.e. if at all we do.The last phase forces us to rely on as much medication as possible because our digestive system has given up on us. a realization dawns on us now, if not earlier, that we messed up our bodies so much in the last two quarters, that we are now forced to go back to square one: Only home made food, with less spices, boiled if possible, and a lot if medication, after every meal. We’ve come back an entire circle!

Life, in general, comes back an entire circle. We’ve always been told, “What you give, is what we get!” or even the most scientific of explanations says “Every action has an Equal and opposite reaction!”  Some call it “Karma’ and some call it ‘”Destiny”. Either way, all these philosophies, point quite correctly. We need a doze of our own medicine sometimes.

Innumerable lessons later, I am coming to terms with life. Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love – These are easy to practice but we usually miss them or sideline them. The result, all these attributes sideline us. They are quite simple to follow, only if you have the realizeation and the willingness to follow.

Life teaches us lessons, one at a time. Every person comes into our lives for a reason, to teach us something we dont know we had to learn.

So appreciate, be patient, accept, forgive and love, just a little more, and see how life rewards you back withall of these and much more!

Have a happy weekend!!!

Life’s Lessons

– Surabhi Pratap, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Communication, Vikram Bawa

Client’s promises

I often wish that the promises made by our clients were kept. They say that the payment would be done within a week and if they were to truly release the payment within a week, my boss would be happy with my work.

But, do you know what happens when the clients do not keep their word? –
Client:  Ya Ma’am, the payment is in process. Sir/Mam has gone out of India will be back on Friday and your cheque would be ready on Monday.
Me:  Ok, I will be waiting for your call.

(Monday morning…)

Me: Hi, Megha here from Vikram Bawa’s office. Is our payment ready?
Client: No Ma’am. Sir did not come on Friday. Will be coming this week.
Me: Ok (sigh)

Now I have to deliver this news to Vikram…Just to be on the safer side, I keep his table clean and keep everything in its place. I make sure that  the hot coffee is ready before he reaches the office to cool him down! (These are the tips to make your boss a little happy before giving him the bad news)

Monday, 12noon –

Vikram Bawa: (Rings the bell) Meghaaaaaa.

Me: Ya sir
Vikram: Megha, what happened about the payment of ‘X’. You told me that we would be receiving on Monday. 
Me: Ya sir, but when I called them in the morning they said that the payment would be done next week for sure.
(calls everyone to his desk)

  • Digital team: Kya hua..touch up kar ke hua hai ke nahin? Guys I want my work to be completed on my timelines. I don’t know but you have to complete this before 7.00 pm and mail the pictures to the client
  • CGI team: You do one thing  for now, stop ‘X’ work and start ‘Y’ work and I want it to be completed within this week
  • Films: Show me the film that you have completed. Have you got the music done?


Accounts: I don’t care what happens, I want my payments. Now you guys better leave me alone and don’t mess up, or I will throw you out. 

And this is what happens to us when a client keeps saying next week, and the week never comes. Till then I have to do all this Buttering and go through all the Suffering.. lol.

So Mr. X, Please make our payment.

– Megha Dave, Accounts & Adminstrative Manager, Vikram Bawa Photography